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Broken Cipher PenTest Systems is a small, privately held information security services firm located in Khartoum2 in the middle of our capital city, Khartoum. We are a purely services company focusing on deep-dive, manual Penetration Testing, Information Security training, Social Engineering and Red Teaming.

Broken Cipher was founded in 2013 on the standard of providing clients “Best Affordable” management consulting around security with customer care in mind.
Broken Cipher’s name originated from the understanding that there are two separate states of team in information security: for breaking systems here comes The Red Team and for fixing and protecting systems here comes The Blue Team. A Red Team works in a covert manner on a focused target of testing using “extreme” techniques. A “Blue Team” works with the System Owner and System Administrators to develop effective Computer Network Defense (CND) for the network.

Our Culture and Values
Our culture is fun, relaxed, casual but also very fast-paced and professional. As a company, we’re made up of speakers, authors, hackers, adventurers, gamers and most of all… people. In essence, our culture is a representation of us as people as a whole, ever-changing and exciting. We encourage diversity, new ideas, innovation and delivering exceptional service.
Our core values are to be “alert, prepared, honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic”.

Work/Life Balance
At Broken Cipher, we truly believe in a work/life balance and we do mean it!

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Comfortable and professional work environment

Ready to join our TEAM?

Current available positions:

Cyber Security – Business Development / Sales Executive

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Mobile Developer – iOS and Android

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