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Our Information Security Services

Social Engineering

Check resilience of staff and technical controls to social engineering attacks, which include phishing, telephone social engineering and physical intrusion testing.

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Penetration Testing

Regular penetration testing provides assurance that your systems are resilient to cyber-attacks. Broken Cipher have highly skilled and qualified penetration testers.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Are security assessments that identify known network, operating system, web application and web server exploits/vulnerabilities with the use of automated tools.

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Configuration Review

This service will be conducted to help your organization adhere to international standards in email security as well as endpoint security.

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Red Teaming

We save your business by simulating real-world hacker attempts to identify security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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Security Training

Broken Cipher offer a variety of information security training including Security Awareness, Risk and Compliance and Incident Response.

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