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Configuration Review

The Configuration Review are an essential tool to ensure that you have the necessary security policies and infrastructure in place to protect your computer systems and the information that they contain, and that security policies and procedures are being adhered to. Broken Cipher experts will review the company existing security operation policy based on National Institute of Standards and Technology-NIST standards and ISO 27001 as well as leveraging relevant industry benchmarks while performing the review. Broken Cipher offer a range of Information Security Auditing services, including:

Network Configuration Review

Assess the security policies, procedures and infrastructure that you have in place to protect your sensitive data and your network against attack.

Application Configuration Review

Audit your application software (both web applications and client-server applications) for security issues that would enable unauthorised access to the data that they contain or disruption to the operation of your business.

Firewall Configuration Review

Broken Cipher will conduct the minimum configuration review for the firewall as specifically identified in PCI-DSS standard. This will also cover the relevant CIS benchmarks.

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