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About Broken Cipher

Broken Cipher is a cybersecurity firm dedicated to helping clients secure their computing environments and meet applicable mandatory industry and government compliance requirements.


Broken Cipher understands the business drivers behind information security. This fundamental attribute aligns our recommendations with business needs in an effort to generate the highest Return on Security Investment (ROSI). Broken Cipher’s value above what you find elsewhere lies in our ability to bridge the high-level strategic perspectives of aligning security to enterprise risk with the tactical, technical perspective of a program approach to get the job done.   We are passionate about taking on the difficult challenges that matter to our clients. Our diverse experience and knowledge coupled with a focused discipline, allow us to address problems that virtually no one else can.


Broken Cipher was founded in 2013 on the standard of providing clients “Best Affordable” management consulting around security with customer care in mind.
Broken Cipher’s name originated from the understanding that there are two separate states of team in information security: for breaking systems here comes The Red Team and for fixing and protecting systems here comes The Blue Team. A Red Team works in a covert manner on a focused target of testing using “extreme” techniques. A “Blue Team” works with the System Owner and System Administrators to develop effective Computer Network Defense (CND) for the network.

Global CyberLympics Competition


Broken Cipher PenTest Systems’ mission is “to provide high quality security testing services in a professional and independent fashion”.


Our core values are to be “alert, prepared, honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic”.